Market Pro

SalesNrich MarketPro helps to scale your business with monitored marketing activities. Hasten your sales and marketing activities in an effective and efficient manner. See the span growth of your firm in your target market - live and on a daily basis. Avoid the human errors by auto guiding the activities of your representatives on the go. Helps you approach individual customers with the complete know-how on previous encounters. Whatever may your domain be - MarketPro is your solution to exponential productivity with minimum effort.

We have the tools to help your team work well and find success

SalesNrich has multiple software products designed to optimize performance and enhance specific functionalities related to sales, marketing, and service.

Visit Plans & Management

Field activities such as visiting leads, prospects, and existing customers can be planned well as schedules, and execution related reporting can be managed well using SalesNrich.

Performance Management

SalesNrich helps the enterprises to improve sales team’s performance with tools & facilities to set targets and help the team members achieve the same.

Survey Management

SalesNrich helps to manage different types of surveys related to sales & marketing.

Lead to Cash

SalesNrich supports business process automation related to sales & marketing.

Field Activity Management

Various filed activities such as Customer visits, Sales/Channel Partner visits, Surveys, Custom Activities, Competitor Analysis, Exhibitions/stalls activity, etc. can be well managed and monitored using SalesNrich.

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  • Shakkira

    Administrator, Modern Distropolis

    I just wanted to tell you how much I like to use - it's so sleek and elegant!
    The customisation options you implemented are countless. Good job, and keep going!

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